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Dynasty Spas Manuals

Operators Manuals

All the manuals include the following: Owner's Information, Safety Instructions, Basic Introductory Information, Pre-Operation Instructions, Trouble Shooting Guide, Glossary of Terms, Filter Maintenance, Wiring Diagram, Draining Your Spa, Winterizing Your Spa, Cover Maintenance and more. (Please Note: Beginning in 2004, Dynasty Spas went to one manual)

ownerpage-icon-22013 Operators Guide (5.1 MB)
ownerpage-icon-2Swim Spa Operator's Guide (4.6MB)
ownerpage-icon-22012 Operator's Guide (7.4 MB)
ownerpage-icon-22011 Operator's Guide (9.7 MB)
ownerpage-icon-22011 Operator's Guide FRENCH (7.9 MB)
ownerpage-icon-22010 Operator's Guide (7.8 MB)
ownerpage-icon-22010 Cinema Series DVD/CD/MP3 Player Manual
ownerpage-icon-22010 Operator's Guide SWIM SPAS (4.9 MB)
ownerpage-icon-22009 Operator's Guide (1.3 MB)
ownerpage-icon-22008 Operator's Guide (684 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22007 Operator's Guide (732 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22006 Operator's Guide (432 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22005 Operator's Guide (428 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22004 Operator's Guide (615 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22003 Operator's Guide (615 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22003 Recreational Series Owner's Manual (1.6 MB)
ownerpage-icon-22003 Excalibur Owner's Manual (4415 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22003 Classic Series Owner's Manual (3315 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22002 Owner's Manual (1452 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22002 Classic Series Owner's Manual (2815 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22002 Excalibur Series Owner's Manual (4715 KB)
ownerpage-icon-22001 Classic Series Owner's Manual (712 KB)

Parts Catalog 2013

ownerpage-icon-22013 Parts Catalog - Full Version (9.9MB)

Quick Reference Cards

These files provide a quick overview of your spa's main functions and the operations accessible with your digital control panel.

ownerpage-icon-2K-800/806 English
ownerpage-icon-2K-800/806 French
ownerpage-icon-2K-500/506 English
ownerpage-icon-2K-500/506 French
ownerpage-icon-2S Class - (Club Series)
ownerpage-icon-2XE™ System English and French
ownerpage-icon-2K-600 XM System English
ownerpage-icon-2K-600 XM System French
ownerpage-icon-2K-600 XE English
ownerpage-icon-2K-600 XE Spanish
ownerpage-icon-2K-450 (For use on the 12', 14' and 18' Swim Spa Models)
ownerpage-icon-2Recreational Series Single Pump
ownerpage-icon-2Recreational Series Double Pump
ownerpage-icon-2Classic Series Single Pump
ownerpage-icon-2Classic Series Dual Pump
ownerpage-icon-2Classic Series MC-MP-DY4 Spa Pack -June '05
ownerpage-icon-2Excalibur 3000-4000
ownerpage-icon-2Excalibur 5000
ownerpage-icon-2Excalibur-SC-MP-DY4/Dual Pump System-June '05
ownerpage-icon-2Excalibur-MC-MP-DY4 Spa Pack - June '05
ownerpage-icon-2Excalibur-MC-MP-CE Spa Pack - June '05
ownerpage-icon-2Excalibur- Spa Pack MC-MP-CE - June '05
ownerpage-icon-2Neptune Series
ownerpage-icon-2Neptune Series - June 2005
ownerpage-icon-2EL/GL Series (Mach 2.0) Control with ML700 Panel
ownerpage-icon-2Sun Valley Quick Reference Card
ownerpage-icon-22000LE M-7 - 1 Pump Instructions
ownerpage-icon-22000LE M-7 - 2 Pumps Instructions
ownerpage-icon-2Cinema Series TV, DVD, CD & Spa Remote
ownerpage-icon-2Cinema Series TV, DVD, CD & Spa Remote 2008
ownerpage-icon-2Cinema Series TV Spa Reference Card
ownerpage-icon-2Cinema Series TV Spa Reference Card 2008
ownerpage-icon-2K155 TOPSIDE STEREO REMOTE
ownerpage-icon-2K-800 Harmony Collection - Topside Control Reference Guide - English
ownerpage-icon-2K-800 Harmony Collection - Topside Control Reference Guide - French
ownerpage-icon-2in.Tune Audio System - Remote Control Instructions


ownerpage-icon-2iPod™ Docking Station Manual
ownerpage-icon-2Infinity™ Stereo (INFMR-180) Operator's Guide
ownerpage-icon-2Infinity™ Stereo (INFMR-180) Operator's Guide French
ownerpage-icon-2JBL™ Stereo (MR-145) Operator's Guide
ownerpage-icon-2JBL™ Stereo (MR-18.5) Operator's Guide
ownerpage-icon-2Setup and Delivery Guideline
ownerpage-icon-2Error Codes
ownerpage-icon-2GFCI and Wiring Guide
ownerpage-icon-2In.touch System Users Guide
ownerpage-icon-2Draining Your Spa Guide
ownerpage-icon-2Gecko™ in.clear™ User Manual

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